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05 June 2019Under The Open Sky – , Newlyn, Falmouth and Lamorna Artists from 1880-1940
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06 March 2019The Fighting Temeraire: Facts and Fiction behind Britain’s Most Popular Painting
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09 January 2019Painting the Modern Garden – from Monet to Matisse
05 December 2018Singe we Yule’: A Musical Portrait of a Medieval Christmas
07 November 2018From Peasants to Czars: A Portrait of Russian Society in the 19th Century
03 October 2018Fine Art Forgery: Craftsmanship or Conjuring Trick?

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Under The Open Sky – , Newlyn, Falmouth and Lamorna Artists from 1880-1940 Catherine Wallace Wednesday 05 June 2019

Photo Copyright National Museum of Wales/Amgueddfa Cymru / Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation


This lecture gives an overview of art in Cornwall from the late 19th century to the start of the Second World War that was created in and around the remote villages of Newlyn and Lamorna in West Penrith. Beginning with artists such as Walter Langley and Frank Bramley, moving on to Stanhope Forbes, Henry Scott Turke and Charles Napier Hemy through to Thomas Cooper Gotch and many others.

Lecturer: Catherine Wallace studied Fine Art at Leeds and Canterbury before completing a Master’s degree in Art History and Museum studies at St Andrew’s University. Having focused her studies on Wyndham Lewis, she researched and organised a major loan exhibition on this important British artist at London’s Imperial War Museum in 1992. She was responsible for Falmouth art gallery for eight years curating both contemporary and historic art exhibitions.